Augmentation Mastopexy

When breast lift surgery is combined with breast augmentation surgery, this is known as an augmentation mastopexy, available via our North Shore, Norwest and Westmead clinics.

Breast Augmentation and Lift Surgery

The breast lift component aims to reshape the breasts to achieve a more youthful appearance, while the breast augmentation component works to restore lost volume and achieve a fuller upper pole appearance. The procedure is commonly performed for women who have both deflated and ptotic (sagging) breasts. The procedure can also re-lift the nipple to achieve a more aesthetic contour and youthful position.

For women who suffer from asymmetrical breasts—whether this be breast volume, shape or nipple position—a augmentation mastopexy procedure can be customised to help correct this concern. If you’re having this procedure to address the changes that have occurred after childbirth and breast-feeding, then you may also be entitled to a health fund rebate.

Although more challenging, Dr Chaithan Reddy routinely performs his augmentation mastopexy procedures as 1-stage surgery. This ensures your financial obligations are kept to a minimum, as well as the post-operative recovery and downtime.

Breast lift procedure: Vertical Pattern

Breast lift procedure: T-Pattern

Am I a good candidate for augmentation mastopexy?

Women with both deflated and ptotic (saggy) breasts are good candidates for an augmentation mastopexy procedure at our North Shore, Norwest and Westmead practices. While deflated or asymmetric breasts can occur as a part of the normal ageing process, it is often seen in women after breast-feeding or significant weight loss.

View your potential results

If you’re concerned about whether or not your expectations about your results are accurate, Dr Reddy can assist with this during your consultation. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, we use the VECTRA 3D imaging system and Sculptor software to provide patients with images of their potential results. After using the VECTRA system to process several images, patients can view their potential results from different angles before making a final decision. This can also help patients in the decision making process in choosing the right implant size.

For patients who have undergone breast surgery by another plastic surgeon, but are unsatisfied with the results, Dr Reddy can help you achieve your desired look through revision surgery.

Augmentation mastopexy takes approximately 3 hours and is performed under a general anaesthetic. There are two main incision patterns that can be used when performing an augmentation mastopexy. They take the form of either a ‘lollipop’ or an inverted ‘T’ incision. The choice between the two will largely depend upon your skin tone and the amount of excess skin that you have. This will be discussed and determined during your initial consultation.

During the procedure, Dr Reddy will make the incisions and remove any excess skin, leaving your breast gland and fat exposed.  A breast pocket is also created through the same incision so that the planned breast implant can be accommodated. The implant may be inserted either in front of, or behind the pectoralis muscle. Dr Reddy will ensure the tissue surrounding the nipple remains intact and unharmed while the nipple is moved higher on the breast. The breast is reshaped, the skin is re-draped and secured in place with dissolving sutures. Finally, Dr Reddy will apply dressings over the top of the sutures and a breast garment.

Breast Implant and Lift Surgery

By arranging an augmentation mastopexy, you’re combining two of the most transformative procedures in plastic surgery.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can both enhance and rejuvenate your breasts through this procedure, please contact us.

Every patient is unique and results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services carry risks which need to be discussed with your doctor to ensure you are fully informed and realistic outcomes have been explained.