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8 Reasons to Book an Eyelid Surgery Consultation with The Plastic Surgery Clinic Sydney

The eyes are often the very first things that we notice about the people that we meet and the ones that we love. So many emotions can be reflected in the eyes that stare back at us. But what happens if your eyes aren’t truly reflective of how you feel? The delicate skin that is around the eye area is typically the first to show some of the signs of ageing.

No matter how much money is spent on eye creams and silk pillowcases and any manner of cosmetic boosters, it can prove to be very difficult to prevent wrinkles around the eyes. Bags under the eyes can also prove difficult to prevent, particularly if you have a genetic propensity for developing them.

At the Plastic Surgery Clinic, we offer a surgical solution that can treat concerns with the eyelids. Blepharoplasty can reduce bagginess, remove excess skin and offer a means of refreshing your overall face.

We have 8 great reasons that you should book a consultation for eyelid surgery, with us at The Plastic Surgery Clinic.

1. Eyelid surgery can address the first ageing signs

Advertisers will have you believing that overpriced creams and serums are the solution to restoring your youthful appearance. The reality is that only a surgical approach will be able to assure you of long-term results that truly and effectively address these first signs of ageing. You’ll be able to restore your youthful appearance with eyelid surgery.

2. Eyelid surgery can give you a rested and alert look

Do you look tired, even when you feel well-rested? There are a number of factors that can impact the appearance of your eyelids. Gravity is one of them, as are wrinkles and puffiness. Droopy and puffy eyelids can lead you to having a tired appearance. If well-being people around you keep asking you if you’re getting enough rest, you may find that cosmetic eyelid surgery is the right option for you. The upper eyelid lift procedure can raise your eyelids so that they don’t droop. The lower eyelid lift can help to smooth out any wrinkles and puffiness that are contributing to your looking less than refreshed.

3. Eyelid surgery can restore your vision

If you find that your vision is obscured, it may not actually be related to your eyes themselves. Your eyelids may be drooping so low over your eyes that they have an impact of your peripheral vision. Normal tasks like driving or reading may become more challenging. The upper eyelid lift surgery can remove the drooping skin, restore your vision and give you a refreshed appearance.

4. Lower eyelid surgery can eradicate eye bags, and dark circles

If you suffer from excessive under eye puffiness, there may be excess fat in the area. This can leave you with the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles.

5. Results from eyelid surgery can last years

It is true that results can vary between patients, but eyelid surgery results can last between five and seven years when performed on the upper eyelid. Eyelid surgery that is performed on the lower eyelid only very rarely needs to be repeated.

6. Eyelid surgery is low risk

There is some degree of risk with any type of surgical procedure. Complications with eyelid surgery are rare and typically very minor in nature. Bruising and swelling is an expected part of the surgery, with some minor vision blurriness. You may also experience some itchiness and minor discomfort. These side-effects typically past swiftly.

7. Eyelid surgery offers a short recovery period

The majority of patients can return to work within a few postoperative days and are able to return to their normal schedule within 10 days. In fact, many of our patients feel remarkably well after their procedure and have only minimal discomfort. All of which can be alleviated with pain management solutions.

8. You will still look like you after eyelid surgery

One of the concerns that patients have about any cosmetic procedure is that they will not look natural. They worry that the procedure will leave them looking like someone else, and no longer recognizable as themselves. When you select a cosmetic surgeon who has the right qualifications and experience like Dr Chaithan Reddy, you will not need to harbor these worries. Your results will be natural and subtle. Your face will look well-rested and alert. You won’t look artificial. When you look in the mirror, you will still look like you, only refreshed and relaxed.

Whether you’re considering eyelid surgery for any one or these reasons, or perhaps for a combination of some of them, you should book your consultation with The Plastic Surgery Clinic.