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Beware Of Banned Injectables

Ageing gracefully isn’t always easy and an increasing number of people are opting to get cosmetic assistance to make the ageing process smoother and slower. However, the growing popularity of injectable treatments comes with the growing availability of illegal counterfeit solutions which could cause you serious harm and potentially even death.

Media reports have revealed an increase in patients finding themselves in nightmarish situations after opting for cheaper, illegitimate options. In some cases, they’re unknowingly being injected with banned and unauthorised substances in places they believe are registered and lawfully operating estasblishments.

However, with the right information, it can become easy to tell the professionals from the con artists.

Always check credentials

Although anti-ageing injections are not always administered by a doctor and can be administered by a qualified dermal therapist, it is always best to choose an establishment with a doctor on site.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency provides a list of qualified and registered doctors available on their website. This allows you to check the legitimacy of the medical doctor at the clinic you are considering for anti-ageing or dermal filler injections.  For a list of registered plastic and cosmetic surgeons, visit the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons website.

Make sure the correct procedure is being followed

Although products may differ, as do clinics and the way they are run, there are basic procedures followed by all medical professionals to ensure the safety of their patients and to avoid foreseeable complications.

  • Always make sure the needles used on you are new and come from a sealed package. You can ask your doctor or cosmetic professional to open the package in front of you. This protects you from infections that could be passed on from previous users of the needle, as well as germs and bacteria.
  • Check to be sure the professional working on your skin is wearing gloves at all times during the procedure.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with your doctor or cosmetic professional before you undergo any procedures. We recommend an initial consultation to discuss the procedure and a separate treatment appointment to allow yourself time to ensure everything is indeed above board.
  • Ask your chosen clinic what medical solution they stock to reverse injectables should you have an adverse reaction. While you will be treated by a professional, patient reaction can sometimes be unpredictable and require reversal. As such, reputable clinics should always have this type of solution in stock.

For more information on how we administer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers download our free guides.

Do your research on products before your consultation

There are a range of injectable products used to achieve different goals. A reputable doctor or dermal therapist will ensure you’re well-informed of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Knowing about the chemical used in your chosen procedure will ensure that you know when things are not going right or if there are discrepancies during the consultation.

Finding out what the procedure entails and what products will be used will also allow you to cross reference the products with known banned products that could harm you.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable with the clinic or the professional performing the procedure, discontinue and seek a second opinion from another professional.

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