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How To Recognise Gynecomastia

Men can develop enlarged breasts for multiple reasons.

Did you know that depending on each individual case, the breasts can resolve on their own or require surgery?

Gynaecomastia surgery or cosmetic male breast reduction is a strictly cosmetic procedure that can remove and reduce the appearance of male breasts. The surgery can be done through liposuction or a more involved procedure that involves the adjusting of the skin as well as reduction of breast tissue.

At The Plastic Surgery Clinic we offer male breast reduction to help create naturally flat and masculine chest. Have you been thinking about this procedure? We would recommend visiting our tea and booking in for a consultation.

Hormonal gynaecomastia

Male breast enlargement can have multiple causes. This can happen at different points in a man’s life during a surge or change in the balance of hormones. This can cause temporary breast enlargement or leave the breasts enlarged even after the hormonal imbalance is resolved.

Feeling unsure if you may have gynaecomastia or not? If your breasts are enlarged without weight gain in other areas of the body, breasts may also become tender. Although it is possible to recognise the signs of gynaecomastia on your own to confirm a diagnosis and to get treatment you would have to see a doctor. After your treatment for a hormonal imbalance you may seek cosmetic surgery to remove your enlarged breasts.

Excess weight

Being overweight can cause enlarged male breasts. The enlarged fat cells in the breasts and stretched skin may not shrink back to form a flat chest even after weight loss. In this case the stubborn fat and skin can be removed through cosmetic surgery.

Male breast reduction after weight loss can be done through liposuction or tissue and skin reduction. Liposuction offers a less invasive option however in the case of larger breasts a more invasive fat and tissue removal surgery is advised along with skin adjusting.

Gynaecomastia in Sydney

The Plastic Surgery Clinic is a state of the art facility staffed with knowledgeable and qualified professionals to provide comfort and safety from your first consultation right through your recovery.

Led by Dr Reddy, The Plastic Surgery Clinic team is placed across New South Wales with clinics in North Shore, North West and Westmead.

All our practices follow the same high standards of quality and care making each patient a priority.

If you have enlarged breasts that make you uncomfortable and you would like to have removed contact The Plastic Surgery Clinic to find out if you are a candidate for male breast reduction.