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How A Mummy Makeover Can Work For You

There are many changes that take place to a woman’s body after pregnancy and childbirth

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is dedicated to the nurturing and growth of her unborn child. Her growing belly and active mammary glands are all preparing for motherhood and the physical tasks of feeding and caring for her baby. After pregnancy, many women struggle to reclaim their shape and size. With growing pressure to go from baby bump to wash board abs, some women may feel that they have failed with diet and exercise to win back their trim and feminine figures.

For many reasons, it may not be possible to achieve the results you want after pregnancy with diet and exercise alone. Luckily, post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery or mummy makeovers may help you achieve these goals.

The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Sydney offers surgical assistance in this regard with procedures designed to help you achieve the results you want without looking like you’ve had work done.

What is a mummy makeover?

A mummy makeover is a combination of surgical procedures designed and combined to combat unwanted physical changes brought on by pregnancy and breast feeding. Focused on the most affected areas of the body; the midsection and the breasts, a mummy makeover can help women overcome dissatisfaction with their appearance post-pregnancy.

A mummy makeover typically includes breast surgery; either a breast lift or a breast lift with implants to restore the shape and volume of the breasts, which is altered during pregnancy and sometimes aggravated after breast feeding as well. A tummy tuck and liposuction can also be performed to reduce the appearance of the ‘mummy tummy’, which may be distended or have excess skin causing a muffin top.

Contact us to book an informative consultation with Sydney’s preferred plastic surgeon, Dr Chaithan Reddy, and find out how a mummy makeover can help you.

Why you need to wait before getting work done?

Although a mummy makeover can be performed any time after the body has physically recovered from pregnancy and child birth, we advise to wait until you are done having children and have stopped breastfeeding for at least three months.

This is because the body changes with each pregnancy and surgery results may be undone each time. Your breasts also continue to change after breastfeeding and may continue to change after surgery making the results unpredictable. The ability to breastfeed is also not guaranteed after a mummy makeover.

Your surgeon’s advice to wait before making the decision to undergo surgery after your child’s birth is aimed at giving your results longevity. As well as ensure your expectations and results discussed during the initial consultation are met.

View our patient gallery to explore Dr Reddy’s beautiful mummy makeover results.

Other procedures to enhance results

While a mummy makeover is focused on the areas of your body obviously affected by childbirth. Each woman’s body is unique, and each pregnancy affects your body differently.

The Plastic Surgery Clinic offers a range of cosmetic surgery options that can work together to help you achieve your body goals. During your consultation, it is important to discuss any concerns you may have and any work you’re considering in the future. Your surgeon can give invaluable advice on your surgery timeline, adjust your expectations as well as a recommend a treatment plan to help achieve your desired results.

If you have lost weight after your pregnancy and are concerned about excess skin and the current shape of your body, speak to Dr Reddy about post weight loss surgery and explore your options to enhance your weight loss and post pregnancy achievements.

Mummy Makeover in North Shore, Northwest and Westmead

The Plastic Surgery Clinic is led by Dr Chaithan Reddy, known as Sydney’s most trusted surgeon for his honesty and the results he can help you achieve through mindful and ethical cosmetic interventions.

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