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What Is A Body Lift?

Learn about the positive effects of a body lift.

In the past year, over 20 000 Australians underwent weight loss surgery and many more took to dieting to obtain their ideal shape and size. Losing weight can have positive effects on your health however, once at an ideal weight, some people are disappointed with their appearance. Usually because they are left with a large amount of excess skin.

A body lift is a combination of surgical procedures that will reduce excess skin after dramatic weight loss.

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Why should I get a body lift?

After weight loss, your skin may not retract completely. This can leave areas of sagging skin that can be uncomfortable, heavy, can bulk under your clothing and is susceptible to infection.

A body lift is a body contouring procedure that trims excess skin, shaping the body and further removing weight and size. This surgery allows patients to live in the bodies they have worked towards and enjoy their weight loss achievements without carrying the bulk of excess skin and tissue.

Procedures included in a body lift

The body lift procedure can be customised to suit the needs and preferences of each patient and include:

  • Liposuction – to remove stubborn fat pockets on various parts of the body
  • Tummy tuck – removes excess fat, tissue and skin from the abdominal area and correct possible abdominal muscle split which could be causing the abdomen to appear distended
  • Arm lift – tighten and tone the skin around the arms removing excess skin and tissue
  • Thigh lift- remove excess skin, tissue and fat from the thighs,
  • Upper body and back lift – the back can carry a lot of excess fat and skin. In order to contour it, these must be removed.
  • Lower body and buttock lift – the buttocks and lower body may start to droop after weight loss. The lower body lift tightens, tones and lifts the thighs and buttocks to a natural looking

These procedures are aimed at the area’s that are most likely to be carrying excess skin. At The Plastic Surgery Clinic, Dr Reddy will discuss the areas that you are having issues with and will completely tailor your procedure around this.

Candidates for body lift

A body lift is a body contouring surgery and not a slimming surgery. Ideal candidates for the body lift surgery are people who have lost weight and have excess skin they do not want. To be a candidate, a patient must be in good general health and have reached or be close to their goal weight.

A body lift can help re-shape your body. This is done by strategically removing skin, fat and tissue so the end result meets your realistic expectation of how your body should look after weight loss.

Body contouring in Sydney

Dr Chaithan Reddy known amongst the community for his honesty and openness with patients. This factor is important if you are considering undergoing body contouring surgery. Discussing your realistic expectations with your surgeon will ensure that you are prepared for life after surgery and can fully enjoy the results of your procedure.

For more information on body lift surgery and to find out if you are a candidate contact us to book your appointment.