Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is performed to enlarge, contour and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing breast shape.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size of your breasts, while also improving the shape and your overall silhouette.

For patients who have asymmetrical breast, breast implants can help achieve a more balanced and appealing shape.

Also known as: Breast implants, breast enlargement, breast enhancement, breast surgery, silicone implants, boob implants, boob job, breasts implants augmentation.
Desired results: Women who undergo breast surgery want to achieve fuller breasts, improved shape and a more proportioned silhouette.
Patients visit us from: Our patients travel from all over Australia, although we see majority of patients from the BellaVista, Westmead, Lower and Upper North Shore regions.

Could breast augmentation be right for you?

Breast augmentation at our North Shore, Norwest, Westmead and Central Coast clinics, may be suitable for women who:

  • Want to increase the volume of their breasts
  • Desire to correct breast asymmetry
  • Looking to restore upper pole breast fullness
  • Want to improve their overall breast shape and appearance

For women who have previously undergone a breast augmentation by another surgeon, however, are not satisfied with the result, Dr Reddy can replace, correct or improve the appearance of their breasts through breast implant revision surgery

View your potential results

For those who are concerned about whether breast implants would suit their body shape, Dr Reddy uses VECTRA 3D imaging to give patients a three-dimensional view of their potential results. After taking several images using the VECTRA camera, they’re processed using Sculptor software. This allows patients to view possible results from all angles. This way you can make a clearer decision about the size, shape and placement of your implants.

Here are a few considerations that it’s important to keep in mind when considering breast implant surgery :

There are various types of implants available including:

  • Silicone, saline and polyurethane.
  • Textured and smooth implants
  • Shaped (‘Tear drop’) and round implants

There also a number different access incisions that can be employed to insert the implant, including:

  • Inframammary: Under the breast
  • Periareolar: Through the nipple region
  • Axillary: From the armpit
  • Umbilical: Through the belly button

The implant itself can be placed in various locations such as:

  • Behind the muscle
  • In front of the muscle
  • Behind the fascia

Breast augmentation takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours and generally patients are under general anaesthetic sedation. After you have fallen asleep, the doctor will make an incision in the skin and a breast pocket will be created in order to accommodate the breast implant. The pocket may be created either in front of the pectoralis muscle (prepectoral or subglandular), behind the pectoralis fascia (subfascial), or behind the pectoralis muscle (subpectoral), or in a Dual Plane approach. The choice of pocket location would have been decided upon at the time of your consultation. Next, the implant is inserted into the pocket (the volume and specific type of implant will have been decided upon at your consultation). Following implant placement, the skin incision will be closed with dissolving sutures. You will have dressings applied and a garment will be applied to your breasts at the end of the procedure.

After the operation, you will have the choice of leaving the hospital that day or staying in the hospital overnight. Once you’ve awoken from the anaesthetic, Dr Reddy will visit you to ensure you’re comfortable and completely prepared to properly care for yourself during your recovery period. Our team will provide all the information required for your post-operative care, as well as a 24 hour contact number should any complications arise.

Dr Reddy will check up on you once you have woken up from your breast augmentation to ensure that you’re comfortable and well prepared for your recovery period. Breast augmentation surgeries may be performed as day stay procedures, although you may elect to stay overnight if you prefer.

You’ll be required to attend one of our clinics for post-operative check-ups during your recovery. During this time, our team will monitor the healing process and your overall comfort. Most patients experience complete ease while caring for themselves post-surgery—many able to walk comfortably the day of the procedure and shower a day later.

We recommend arranging transportation prior to surgery and to refrain from driving for 2 weeks after the surgery.

We also recommend patients to refrain from wearing a bra with an underwire for at least 6 weeks after the procedure. We advise you to wear bras with good support, which will help to reduce swelling and bruising.

Expect to experience mild to moderate discomfort for a short period of time following the surgery. For this reason, most patients have at least 1 week recovering before returning to work.  If your job is fairly stationary, you may choose to return earlier. Do not resume vigorous activities until 4 weeks post-surgery, in order to reduce the risk of bleeding, bruising and swelling. For up to 2 weeks after surgery, you may experience bruising along the incision line.

Replacement of implants may be required for a number of reasons, including:

  • Your implant has ruptured or shifted
  • You may require correction of capsular contracture
  • You may require a breast lift procedure over your existing implant
  • You may like to change the shape or size of your breasts

In many of these breast implant revision circumstances, a portion of your procedure may be covered by Medicare and or your health fund.

To learn more about our breast revision surgery and it can do for you, click here. 

Breast Implants Sydney

If you’re considering enhancing your breasts, it is important to entrust your procedure to a highly skilled, and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr Reddy is committed to excellence in surgical practice, with over 10 years experience in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

During your initial consultation, Dr Reddy will take the time to listen to your concerns, surgical desires and explain your options so you feel completely prepared to make a well-informed decision moving forward.

If you would like further information on breast augmentation or to schedule a consultation to explore your option, please contact us

Every patient is unique and results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services carry risks which need to be discussed with your doctor to ensure you are fully informed and realistic outcomes have been explained.