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Results of facelift surgery vary depending on many factors, and there are many methods of performing the procedure.

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About the procedure

The aim of face lift surgery, clinically known as Meloplasty or Rhytidectomy, is to restore a more youthful appearance and contour to the face and neck. This involves tightening the facial muscles, repositioning fat deposits, and tightening and removal of excess skin. Most face lifts are performed for people aged 40 to 65, but it may be performed outside this age bracket.

Dr Chaithan Reddy uses the most advanced techniques at his disposal to produce refined, natural-looking facial rejuvenation. By combining tailored face lifting techniques with subtle and targeted volume augmentation, Dr Reddy is renowned for his aesthetic eye to produce aesthetically stunning results.

Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa’s Dr Chaithan Reddy on Face lift surgery

Whilst ageing, we all experience changes to the facial region, such as wrinkles, loss of skin tone, sagging tissue and loss of volume.

I have a special interest and expertise in facial rejuvenation, and offer my patients a wide range of procedure options, including thread lifts, MACS lifts, short scar facelifts and traditional facelifts.

The choice of procedure will depend on your unique needs and concerns. I believe it is crucial that I spend time with my patients to truly define their goals, and provide long-lasting results in the safest possible manner. Many patients report that they look up to 10 years younger.

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