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The condition is not uncommonly given the derogatory term of “man boobs”. The resulting feminised appearance of the male chest can contribute to significant anxiety about body image. Individuals with gynaecomastia often feel that they cannot take their shirt off in front of others, at the beach, or may even feel self-conscious wearing tight clothing. To assist with such concerns, Dr Chaithan Reddy offers gynaecomastia treatment at his Sydney and Central Coast Plastic Surgery clinics. By performing male breast reduction surgery, Dr Reddy can help patients suffering from gynaecomastia achieve more masculine body contours and feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

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Am I a good candidate for gynaecomastia treatment?

Gynaecomastia usually results from changes in the body’s metabolism. It can be normal to see it in newborns, during puberty, and during older age, during which changes in the level of hormones often occur. If gynaecomastia develops during pubertal years, it commonly resolves on its own accord with in a 1-2 year period, once hormone levels reach an appropriate balance.

Gynaecomastia may also be caused by a number of other factors including certain medications, and certain medical conditions causing an imbalance in hormone levels. Individuals or body builders taking anabolic steroids are also at risk of developing gynaecomastia. Any causative factors should be addressed prior to surgery, and in some cases further investigations may need to be undertaken to help identify the possible cause. Liposuction or breast gland excision is an effective gynaecomastia treatment method at our North Shore and Norwest plastic surgery practice, and in the absence of an underlying cause, the results are considered permanent.

What does gynaecomastia surgery entail?

Gynaecomastia that persists can be effectively corrected with a variety of surgical techniques. These range from liposuction to surgical removal of the excess breast tissue. In some cases, there may also be an excess of skin, which can be corrected surgically.

Dr Reddy will systematically assess the amount excess skin, fat, and breast tissue that is present to determine which procedure will be most suitable for you.

Gynecomastia treatment is typically performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure will take approximately 2-3 hours depending upon the severity of your gynecomastia. Prior to your anaesthesia being administered, Dr Reddy will mark on your body the planned treatment areas and incisions. If the gynaecomastia is being treated with liposuction alone (with or without VASER), then approximately two 3-4mm incisions will be made to accommodate the liposuction cannulas. If the breast tissue is to also be removed via an open approach, then a small incision will be made along part of the areola circumference. This is expected to heal well and remain well concealed. The planned incisions would have been discussed with you in detail at your prior consultation and will be confirmed again prior to your surgery. At the end of the operation, a compression garment will be applied to provide support and minimise swelling.

Your results

Gynaecomastia patients’ results are generally very evident in the first days after surgery, despite mild swelling and bruising. Bruising will typically have cleared up within two weeks of the surgery. It’s possible that you will notice some changes in the sensation of the areas that were treated, but this also generally clears up within a few weeks. The final results of your operation should be clear by the 3 month post-surgery mark as it can take that time for all residual swelling to resolve. We stress the importance of wearing the post-opertaive compression garment for the advised period so as to limit fluid retention and swelling.

Gynaecomastia Before And Afters

Gynaecomastia Treatment Sydney

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