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Perhaps because they have represented far more than simply a facial aesthetic feature. Despite changes in our perceptions of beauty, the desire to have well defined full bodied lips remains. This has led to the development of various cosmetic treatments to enhance one’s lips.

There are various treatments available to rejuvenate the upper lip region. These include non surgical and surgical measures. The decision to proceed with one or the other should be largely determined by the underlying problem, otherwise the desired goal will not be achieved.

The following table outlines some common problems affecting the upper lip and treatments that may be suitable for addressing such changes. Please note that the following table should serve as general information, and each individual case needs to be assessed with formal consultation and treatment planning.

ConditionTreatment options
Lip rhytidsPeels, laser, dermabrasion, Lip lift
Lacking volume or lip showDermal filler, Lip lift
Long upper lipLip lift
Poor teeth showLip lift

As we can see from the above table, an excellent way of enhancing one’s lips and reversing the signs of lip ageing is by way of lip lift surgery. A lip lift procedure can also be readily undertaken in our clinic on an outpatient basis.

The main goal of lip lift surgery is to enhance one’s lip shape and contour. It can also have a significant rejuvenating effect by correcting age related changes in the upper lip, such as lip thinning and lip elongation.

The size and shape of our lips are genetically determined. The ideal position of the lip has also been previously described in the literature as lying along a horizontal plane dividing the lower third of the face into a 1/3:2/3 ratio. This is shown in the diagram to the right.

There are also various other factors that contribute to lip shape and height and these often come into play with lip movement, such as during smiling and talking. Hence the reason why lip shape and size changes with facial animation. Similarly, there are various anatomical features that make up the lip, and the size and position of these landmarks can often impact on what one might classify as an aesthetic lip.

Important lip landmarks are outline below:

With ageing, the upper lip skin tends to elongate, and the red portion of the lip often thins. This is exemplified by an increase in the ratio of the upper lip skin to the red portion of the lip. As the lip elongates, a reduction in upper teeth show can also result, again leading to a less aesthetic appearance to the lip region.

Lip lift surgery can readily address these unwanted changers. The procedure can be readily performed in our clinic or in hospital as day procedure.

How is it performed?

Following local anaesthesia, the lip lift procedure is undertaken in less than an hour in a pain free manner.

Careful pre-operative markings are performed and the amount of lift is confirmed with you prior to the commencement of the procedure. There are various described techniques on lip lifting, but Dr Reddy routinely utilises the Bull-Horn pattern of lip lifting, as he has found this approach to produce consistent and optimal results.

An incision is placed along the lower border of the nose, with the premise that the final incision line will heal in a well concealed manner. This is shown below:

The premarked component of skin is removed. Any bleeding points are then cauterised. The skin is then sutured in a two-layer technique with very fine sutures to optimise healing and scar results. A light dressing is applied and instructions are provided on how to care for your surgical wound. Simple pain medications can be taken as needed.

Patients routinely return for their first post-operative review at 5-7 days following the procedure. The suture line is checked and any sutures requiring removal are attended to.

Healite therapy may be undertaken to optimise healing and reduce down time. Instructions on scar care are also discussed and provided. Dr Reddy will continue to monitor your post-operative progress until excellent outcomes are achieved.

What can a lip lift achieve for you?

A lip lift can effectively:

  • Correct and elongated upper lip
  • Increase the visibility of the lip vermillion (red or pigmented portion of the lip)
  • Create a slight upturn to the lip vermillion
  • Improve dental show in an aesthetic manner

These changes are depicted in the following images:

The procedure may be performed as a stand-alone procedure to rejuvenate and enhance your lips, or it may also be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures with a view to achieving a more youthful appearing lower face.

Lip Lift Before And After