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Many of these minimally invasive treatments have very little downtime and are administered by highly trained medical staff who boast a wealth of knowledge and experience in skin therapy.

What are medical peels?

The medical peels available at Ameya Medispa include a wide range of exfoliating procedures that produce a peeling effect on the skin. The aim of any peel is to remove the skin’s outer layer, the stratum corneum which is composed primarily of dead cells. The removal of this layer enhances the creation of the healthy layer beneath. When performed properly, this procedure can effectively diminish the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, blemishes and more with little to no trauma to healthy cells. Using medical grade ingredients peels encourage gentle, effective skin renewal.

What are the benefits of a medical peel?

Practically anyone can benefit from medical peels. Whether you’re looking to address a specific skin concern, improve texture and tone, address sun damage concerns, complement a facial plastic surgery procedure, or simply refresh your complexion peels can be customised to fit your needs. Before any peel, our cosmetic nurses will assess certain key elements such as skin type, skin density, sun damage and natural hydration to see which peel is right for you.

Are all medical peels the same?

Peels can vary in strength, depth and intensity and depending on the choice of peel the Ameya Medispa staff recommends, you may either experience a mild flaking of the skin known as metabolic peeling which achieves dramatic results without irritation or recovery time. Our deeper dermal peels produce moderate peeling and redness of the whole face 3-5 days after the procedure. Your specific skin concern, along with our comprehensive skin assessment, unique combinations and comprehensive range of peels will help establish the most effective solution for you.

How often should I have a medical peel?

Medical peels vary in strength and efficacy so recommendations for the frequency of a peel can vary from as little as a week up to 6 weeks apart. As we offer a comprehensive range of peels the type of peel and the time between each peel may vary as the skin starts to respond and strengthen.

For best results, a course of peel is recommended and can vary from 2 – 6 peels depending on peel type and skin concerns. Below is an overview of some of our the more popular peels we offer but our consultation and skin analysis will tailor a peel combination that is ideal for you.

Medical Peels | North Shore, Norwest and Westmead

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