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While emotionally it can be a wonderful experience, there are various physical changes affecting the body that can result and this can impact on body image. The two common changes that occur following breastfeeding and childbirth relate to both breast shape and abdominal contour. For women who wish to address these changes, Dr Chaithan Reddy tailors his mummy makeover treatment plans during the consultation at his North Shore, Norwest, and Central Coast plastic surgery clinics.

A dramatic improvement in overall body shape can be achieved when both a correction in breast shape and abdominal contour is undertaken simultaneously, hence the term “mummy makeover”. If you are interested in finding out what your mummy makeover plan would entail, we encourage you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr Reddy at The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa, serving Sydney, Newcastle, and all areas in between, today.

Am I a good candidate for a mummy makeover?

Abdominoplasty procedures are commonly performed to address abdominal bulges, obesity, and also excess skin folds that can occur following pregnancy and childbirth. The procedure results in a tauter, slimmer, and more defined waistline, which is aesthetically appealing. The belly button region can also be refined to give a more youthful and aesthetic appearance to the abdomen.

It is also important to consider that you may not necessarily have a lot of abdominal fat or skin to still warrant a tummy tuck procedure. Not uncommonly, the problem area appears to be largely a bulge secondary to lax abdominal musculature or even muscle separation (and only a small amount of excess skin) following childbirth. In this instance, a mini-tummy tuck may be feasible, entailing repair of the muscle separation via a much smaller incision. In any case, the abdominoplasty incision will be planned to sit below your brief line.

The changes that occur in one’s breasts following pregnancy and or breast-feeding can also be dramatic, often leading to deflated and ptotic (saggy) breasts. Augmentation mastopexy remains a commonly performed procedure to address both the volume loss and breast ptosis that occurs in this setting. For information on this, please refer to our Augmentation Mastopexy page.

What does a mummy makeover typically entail?

Following involution of the breast glandular tissues, the breasts are often left deflated and ptotic (saggy). Correction of breast contour can entail restoring breast volume with a breast implant (breast augmentation), or may entail improving breast shape with a mastopexy (breast lift) procedure. Both procedures may also be combined, referred to as an augmentation mastopexy procedure, leading to a correction in breast shape and restoration of upper pole breast fullness.

Similarly, the abdominal contour may also often require correction following childbirth. An increase in abdominal girth during pregnancy often leads to a residual excess of abdominal tissues after childbirth. This is often combined with a component of abdominal muscle separation. The abdominal separation will often persist despite a regular abdominal exercise regime. This is why an abdominal bulge will often persist despite getting rid of pregnancy weight. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure will not only remove any residual excess skin and fat from the abdominal region but will also correct the underlying muscle separation.

Each mummy makeover treatment plan is arranged through any one of our North Shore and Norwest plastic surgery or Central Coast Clinics. The treatment plan typically combines surgical correction of the breasts with body contouring, with Dr Reddy’s ultimate goal being to arrive at the precise blend of treatments that will produce optimal results for the individual patient based on her unique needs and aesthetic goals.

How long is my hospital stay?

As you will be undergoing both a tummy tuck procedure along with a breast lift and/or breast augmentation procedure as part of your mummy makeover surgery, you will generally stay in hospital for 3-5 days. Initially you will be nursed in a flexed posture in bed to maintain the abdomen in a relaxed position. You will be able to walk the day after mummy makeover surgery. You will generally remain slightly flexed at this point in time and you will resume your normal upright posture over the first one to two weeks. A specific mummy makeover post-operative instruction plan together with 24 hour contact details will be given to you at the time of your discharge from hospital to help ensure that you are completely at ease during your recovery period at home.

What does my aftercare involve?

Dr Reddy will see you throughout your recovery period. Following discharge from the hospital, you will be reviewed again in our clinic approximately 5-10 days later. You will have had waterproof dressings applied over your breasts and abdominal incision line prior to your discharge from the hospital enabling you to have showered. All dressings and sutures will be removed at your first post-operative visit. You will only have a handful of sutures around the belly button that may require removal. All other sutures will be internal and dissolvable. Simple taping of the incision lines is all that will be then required, and you will be clearly instructed on how to do this. Advice on scar management will also be provided. You will continue to wear your abdominal binder for a period of 6 weeks and you will find that this will reduce both swelling and provide additional support during the healing phase. A comfortable and supportive bra is also advised and this will optimise your breast shape over the long term. An underwire bra should be avoided for the first six weeks after surgery. All routine follow-ups are included in your surgical fee and you will continue to be reviewed until both Dr Reddy and you are completely satisfied with your results and progress.

What is the down time?

Discomfort can range from minimal to moderate depending upon the extent of your abdominoplasty surgery and the extent of muscle tightening performed. It is expected that you will not have much discomfort from your mastopexy or augmentation mastopexy surgery. Most patients will be able to walk and attend to their self-care needs the day after surgery.

Bruising along both the breast incision lines and the lower abdominal incision line is quite common. This is mostly apparent during the first week after surgery, although may persist for two weeks. Generally allow for a three-week down time period from your work place, although you may return after two weeks if your work is relatively sedentary. It is generally advised that you do not drive for the first two weeks after surgery. It is important to also avoid any strenuous activities for approximately 4 weeks after surgery in order to minimise potential bleeding, bruising and swelling.

When can I see the final results?

The results of your mummy makeover will be quite apparent at the time of your first dressing change where by you will notice an improvement in your breast, abdominal and hip contour. The change in body contour following combined tummy tuck and breast surgery can be quite dramatic and pleasing. Bruising and mild swelling will still however be apparent at this stage. By two weeks, generally all bruising will have resolved. You will generally see the final results at the 3-month post-operative mark, as in some individuals it can take this long for any residual swelling to completely resolve. Advice on long term scar management and skin care will also be provided. A skin care regime and post-operative Heal-lite therapy may also be advised in order to optimise your healing process.

Learn More about Mummy Makeover Treatment Plans

If you love being a mother, but don’t love the changes that pregnancy produced in your body, Dr Reddy can help you regain your pre-childbirth figure with a customized mummy makeover treatment plan via his North Shore or Norwest plastic surgery clinic. Contact The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa today, and we will gladly assist you in scheduling your initial consultation with our esteemed plastic surgeon, serving the Sydney, Central Coast, and Norwest regions.

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