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Susan Garrett is a highly experienced Registered Nurse with a background working in Operating Theatres. After working in various hospitals in the past 30 years, she embarked on her cosmetic career in 2012. It was under Facial Reconstructive and Plastics Surgeons’ guidance that she acquired her cosmetic expertise. Susie provides a personal approach to her patient’s needs and can be summarised in her own words below:

‘I now use my knowledge of facial anatomy to personalise and develop individual plans for my patient’s cosmetic treatment. My patients’ treatment outcomes result in a natural look and address aging, asymmetry, and self-confidence.

I begin each consultation by exploring my patients’ medical history, skincare issues and previous concerns. With this knowledge, I can formulate a personalised treatment plan. I give my patient’s options to help their decision around treatment opportunities. I practice integrity, and I am meticulous in maintaining infection control standards, crucial in providing a safe clinical environment.

I enjoy utilising a wide range of aesthetic treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, PRP and PDO threads to enhance my patients’ beauty in treatments such as hand & skin rejuvenation, jaw slimming, underarm sweat reduction, liquid facelifts, and lip augmentations.

My core motivation is to increase my patient’s self-confidence by attaining realistic results while enhancing their quality of life. I am passionate about skincare, guiding my patients to the most appropriate treatments to improve their customised cosmetic treatment.’

Some of the treatments Susan offers include:

  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Liquid facelifts
  • Hyperhidrosis treatments
  • Treatment for bruxism
  • ‘Aquagold’ facials
  • IV vitamin therapy
  • IM vitamin therapy
  • PRP
  • PDO threads