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Help restore a youthful complexion with a concise range of skin care products available exclusively through medical professionals.

A targeted home skin care regime sets an important foundation for healthy skin and our product ranges address concern for younger skin, as well as more mature skin. Medical grade products are clinically proven to address your skin concerns, as well as maintain and enhance the results you achieve with your Medispa treatments.

What is Medical Grade Skin Care?

Unlike retail products that are purchased over-the-counter, Medical Grade skin care ranges are only available from a medical professional. While over-the-counter products may contain some active ingredients, they often don’t contain sufficient ingredients, clinically proven to be effective. Medical Grade skin care does not have the same restriction on ingredients, so these products contain a much higher strength of active ingredients (Vitamin A).

Skin Care Ingredients and Benefits

Sun exposure causes the skin to produce melanin. Melanin is the chemical responsible for skin pigmentation and age spots. Along with Vitamin A, topical antioxidants help to slow ageing and prevent collagen breakdown by protecting skin against free radicals. Vitamin C helps soften fine lines by stimulating collagen production. Alpha (AHAs) and Beta (BHAs) Hydroxy acids help improve sun damaged skin and reduce pigmentation spots. They gently exfoliate the skin to improve skin tone and overall complexion. The removal of dead and damaged skin promotes new cell growth and skin rejuvenation.

Customised Skin Care Regime

As part of our patients’ skin assessments, we customise a skin care treatment plan to complement your unique skin type, concerns and other Medispa treatments. This is achieved through the use of active multi-ingredient serums and creams targeting skin care concerns with a goal to normalise and address the cause of the concern—not simply covering the outward symptoms.

Dermal Therapy

The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa offers a broad range of minimally invasive dermal therapy services aimed to improve your skin tone, texture, and skin quality. Our dermal therapy treatments are performed by highly trained and experience professionals, who offer the following services:

  • Skin Analysis
  • Medical Hydrabrasion
  • Medical Grade Peels
  • Medical Grade Laser
  • Medical Skin Needling/Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Medical Skin Care and Product
  • Pre & Post Operative Care

For certain conditions including the treatment of pigmentation, sun damage, skin redness, and red veins, a combination approach offers the most effective results. We also treat skin conditions such as rosacea, melasma, and acne.

Skin care regimes can also play an important role in optimising the results from any planned surgery. Skin care regimes including medical peels, laser, and the application of specific skin care products can serve as a foundation for both healing and skin quality in the post-operative period.

Skin Care | North Shore, Norwest and Westmead

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