Thigh Lift

In certain circumstances, liposuction alone is not enough to address the excess fat and skin that has accumulated around the thigh region. Furthermore, when skin tone is poor and the principle problem remains an excess of loose skin, then a thigh lift is indicated. Dr Chaithan Reddy can arrange thigh lift surgery through his North Shore and Norwest, NSW plastic surgery centres to restore definition and tone to thighs encumbered by unwanted tissues, bringing them into improved proportion with the rest of the legs and body. Patients emerge from surgery looking trimmer, fitter, and altogether healthier.

To find out if a thigh lift could be the right option to address your concerns, contact us today at The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa (Serving Sydney, Newcastle, and the other nearby communities). We will be happy to schedule you for a consultation with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaithan Reddy.

The ideal thigh lift candidate:

Thigh lift surgery is a body contouring procedure designed to eliminate excessive skin and fat from the inner and or outer thigh region. It is very effective in removing the excess loose skin folds that result following weight loss. The approach to a thigh lift ranges from a ‘mini’ thigh lift to ‘traditional’ inner thigh lift incisions. The choice of procedure will depend on the amount of excess skin and fat that you exhibit. The procedure can also be performed in combination with other body contouring procedures such as arm lift, breast lift, or tummy tuck. In the case of the tummy tuck, the incisions can be designed in such a way as to integrate the two procedures so that scar lengths are minimised.

What does thigh lift entail?

We perform thigh lift surgery at any of several of our preferred fully-accredited hospitals which are located in Sydney in the North Shore and Northwest regions. You will be put under general anaesthesia for the duration of the 2-3 hour long operation. Prior to the commencement of the procedure, the locations of the incisions will be marked on your body and the locations will be checked with you. After the anaesthetic has been administered and you are asleep, Dr. Reddy will confirm the incision markings again to make sure the proper amount of skin is removed. Often, thigh lift surgery involves the use of liposuction to break the fat cells apart while preserving important nerves and lymph systems. Following the making of the incisions, all the extra skin and fat will be extracted, a small drain will be placed, and the incisions will be sewn shut with dissolving sutures. Dressings will be applied as well as a surgical compression garment designed to apply pressure to the site of the procedure.

What to expect after the operation

Dr. Reddy will check up on you after you have woken up from your thigh lift to ensure that you are comfortable and well prepared for your recovery period. It is generally recommended that you stay in the hospital for a few days after a thigh lift procedure. This is to ensure that optimal wound healing takes place and that you are adequately mobile before returning home. A specific post-operative instruction plan together with 24-hour contact details will be given to you at the time of your discharge from hospital to ensure that you are completely at ease during your recovery period at home.

What does my aftercare involve?

We will provide you with extensive information about post-operative care including instructions for caring for yourself once you go home. We generally recommend that patients who have undergone a thigh lift procedure stay in the hospital for several days in order to ensure that optimal wound healing takes place and that you are adequately mobile before returning home. We ask that you refrain from returning to work for two to three week after the operation because you can expect to experience a minimal to moderate amount of discomfort during this time. We also advise that you not drive any vehicles during the first two weeks following your surgical procedure. Avoid strenuous physical activity for a month to minimise the potential for excessive bruising, bleeding and swelling.

Find out more regarding the thigh lift operation

If you’re not happy with the aesthetics of your thighs due to accumulated fat or excess hanging skin, it is possible that you could benefit from thigh lift surgery. This is offered at our North Shore and Norwest practices, serving Sydney, Newcastle, and the surrounding area. Please contact The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Reddy.

Every patient is unique and results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services carry risks which need to be discussed with your doctor to ensure you are fully informed and realistic outcomes have been explained.