Breast Lift

The aim of breast lift surgery (mastopexy) at Dr Chaithan Reddy’s  plastic surgery clinics in North Shore and NorwestNSW  is to reshape the breasts to a more youthful appearance.  Most often, women choose to pursue this procedure when they have breasts that are saggy or ptotic. These shifts in the female body can be associated with the natural process or ageing, but it is also seen in women who have breast-fed their children, or women who have experienced considerable weight loss.

While motherhood brings many joys, several changes in the breast occur. There is often a stretching of the breast ligaments, and also a deflation in the volume of breast glandular tissue. As a result the breast often appears deflated and saggy, with a nipple and areola that sit low on the breast mound. In extreme cases, the nipple may even be pointing downwards and located towards the bottom of the breast, rather than at the front of the breast.

By undergoing breast lift surgery, patients are able to counteract many of these changes. Dr Reddy combines his finely honed surgical skills with a native eye for aesthetics to produce consistently beautiful, natural-looking results for his breast lift patients. If you are interested in finding out how you could benefit from a breast lift, we would like to invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr Reddy at The Plastic Clinic & Medispa, serving Sydney’s Upper North Shore, Lower North Shore, Norwest, and Newcastle regions.

Could breast lift surgery be a good option for you?

Women with deflated or sagging breasts are good candidates for a breast lift at our plastic surgery practices in the Norwest and North Shore regions of Sydney. A breast lift procedure is designed to reposition your nipple to a higher position giving the appearance of youth, as well as reshaping your breasts to achieve a more pleasing aesthetic contour.

You may be entitled to a health fund rebate if your reasons for considering a breast lift are due to changes to your body resulting from breast feeding and childbirth.

A mastopexy (breast lift) is also a good option for addressing any difference you may have between your breasts, including breast shape, nipple position, and breast volume.

We also offer the option of a revision mastopexy if you have had a breast lift somewhere else and are unhappy with the results.

Many women choose to combine breast lift with breast augmentation to simultaneously improve the profile and enhance the size of their breasts. This is known as an augmentation mastopexy.

What does the surgery entail?

The breast lift takes approximately two to three hours during which you will be unconscious under general anaesthesia. A breast lift can be performed using one of two common incision patterns. One of these patterns is an upside down “T” incision, and the other is a “lollipop”. Dr Reddy will choose between these two approaches based on your amount of sagging, excess skin and your skin tone. This decision will be discussed and finalised during your first pre-operative consultation.

After the general anaesthetic has been applied, the doctor will make the incisions along the planned incision lines and remove all excess skin, thereby exposing the fat and breast glands underneath the skin. The region of the breast tissue that is key to keeping the nipple viable (known as the breast pedicle) is delineated. The nipple areola complex is moved higher on your breasts to a position that will appear perkier and more youthful. During this stage the breast gland itself is reshaped as well. In order to do this, the doctor will suture the breast tissue together in a particular way. Based on what you decided at your prior consultations, a breast implant can also be combined with the breast lift procedure. This is then known as an augmentation mastopexy. The implant serves the purpose of restoring breast volume and creating a full upper pole of the breast. After the shaping of the breasts, the skin is draped back over the gland and sewn up with dissolving sutures. Finally, you will have dressings applied to the incision sites as well as a special garment.

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