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Body Lift Procedure and Recovery

Things you need to know about body lift surgery before you step foot into a surgical practice.

Body lift surgery is a contouring procedure designed to remove excess skin, tissue and fat left behind after weight loss. The surgery consists of multiple procedures selected depending on the patients’ needs and preferences. Procedures included in the body lift range include; liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, lower and upper body lift.

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What to expect at your first consultation?

With the assistance of Dr Reddy, you will explore whether the surgery is possible. This will be done by evaluating your general health and weighing your expectations against what is possible. This will include talking about areas of concern, discussing surgical options as well as taking photos for your medical records.

To get the most out of your consultation, it is important to let Dr Reddy know about your medical history and use of medications as this will affect your surgery. It is also important to highlight the areas that you specifically would like addressed. Dr Reddy will talk to you about the results you can expect and how they can be achieved; advising you on the types of surgery best suited to you based on the concerns you have with your body.

Before the actual surgery, you may need several consultations to ensure that you are well prepared for surgery and recovery.

How body lift surgery works

A body lift is a series of surgical procedures performed to remove excess skin from the body; tightening, toning and contouring it.

The surgery is strategically planned to reduce the number of incisions necessary while also ensuring that excess skin is properly removed. The surgery is undertaken under general anaesthesia, meaning that you will be asleep and pain free. Upper body lift and lower body lift procedures may be undertaken together, depending upon your overall needs.

The duration of your surgery will depend on the type of body lift you will be having. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Recovery and after care

Typically, you will not have much discomfort after surgery. You will however, be prescribed pain medication while you recover to ensure that you are completely comfortable. A compression garment is also prescribed to prevent swelling and aid recovery.

During recovery, your ability to move will be limited and it is advised to get some extra help during the first two to three weeks of your recovery. After this time, you should be able to do more of your regular activities and light exercise, gradually working up to your normal routine.

It is important to ensure that you can take sufficient time off work or other activities as the full recovery time for a body lift can be up to four to six weeks. A good diet and exercise program is recommended to maintain and optimise the results of your surgery.

Body lift surgery in Sydney

A body lift can greatly complement your weight loss and contribute to a slimmer, tighter and toned body. If you have excess skin that you feel is heavy, vulnerable to infection, conceals your weight loss or causes you discomfort, contact The Plastic Surgery Clinic and book a consultation with us.