Calf Implants

There are certain body regions that are difficult to develop despite a good exercise regime. This is largely because we all develop from an underlying genetic make-up. One such body area is the calf region. Calf implants, available in our North Shore and Norwest, NSW plastic surgery clinics, can be inserted to further define and accentuate your calf musculature.

To learn more about the surgical placement of calf implants in your lower legs and whether this is a viable option for you to achieve the results you seek, book in today to speak to plastic surgeon Chaithan Reddy, who provides Sydney’s North Shore, Newcastle and Norwest regions with exceptional quality enhancement options.

Who can get calf implants?

Calf implants are utilised not only to improve your calf bulk and definition, but also to reconstruct calves that are missing tissue bulk.

For patients who are interested in restoring definition to other parts of their bodies, calf implants can be combined with other procedures, including abdominoplasty, liposuction, and arm lift surgery.

How soon after the surgery will I see the results?

You’ll be happy to hear that your results will be immediately visible after the operation! Swelling and bruising will still be present for several weeks after surgery, but after these have resolved you will be able to see the final look of your calf implants. Generally, it is safe to expect that your final results will be fully visible by the end of four weeks after surgery.

What happens during the procedure?

We perform calf implant surgery at one of several hospitals that are our preferred providers in the Norwest and North Shore regions of Sydney. For the duration of the procedure you will be under general anaesthesia. Calf implants are inserted through a small incision placed behind the knee that is well concealed. A pocket is created in the tissue of the calf, in which the implant will be placed. After this step, the incision in the skin will be sewn shut with sutures, and the surgery will be finished by applying sterile dressings over the stitches.

After calf implant surgery

Dr Chaithean Reddy will meet with you regularly throughout the time that you are recovering from calf implant surgery to make sure that your healing is going according to plan. However, the recovery process from calf implants is fairly simple. As the surgery isn’t highly invasive, you will be able to take care of your own needs and even shower just one day after the surgery! Discomfort is generally minor, but can be felt while walking for several weeks after your procedure. We recommend that you take up to a week off from your work, although you may choose to return earlier if your work is fairly sedentary. Avoid strenuous activity for six weeks after surgery.

Roughly one week after the operation you will come to one of our clinics for your first check-up. At this appointment we will remove all of the dressings and instruct you on the proper technique for taping over your incision line. All of your post-operative consultations with Dr Reddy are included in the cost of the procedure. You will continue to meet with Dr Reddy until both you and he are pleased with your results.

Calf Fat Augmentation

Contact us about calf implant surgery

If you have underdeveloped calves, calf implant surgery can immediately improve your appearance, not to mention your self-image. To learn more about calf-implant surgery, available through our North Shore and Norwest surgery practices, please contact The Plastic Surgery Clinic & Medispa . We are proud to provide exceptional plastic surgery results to our patients throughout the Sydney and Newcastle regions.

Every patient is unique and results may vary. Surgery and all health regulated services carry risks which need to be discussed with your doctor to ensure you are fully informed and realistic outcomes have been explained.